Are you stingy?

It is a rant, so you may stop reading if you don’t like rants.

Generally, I am not stingy.

I continue to struggle with my sleep pattern. This week, most the of the nights I stay awake through the night. I only sleep for a couple of hours in the morning, before the alarms start to disturb me.

I took the day off on Tuesday.

But I can’t take the day off every day.

Yesterday, I missed the office cab and had to come to office by private cab. That’s 162 rupees out of my pocket.

Today, the same thing happens. I contemplate about taking the day off – again. I know, not affordable. I somehow manage to drag myself out of bed and get ready for work. That’s another 162 rupees out of my pocket.

If I continue like this, I will spend all my royalty on cab 🙁



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