Song obsession: Mujh Se Pehli Si Mohabbat (Coke Studio)

Song Details

Song: Mujhse Pehli Si Mohabbad (Coke Studio)

Produced & Directed: Strings

Music Director: Mekaal Hasan

Original Composed: Rashid Attre

Lyrics: Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Singers: Humera Channa, Nabeel Shaukat Ali



This one is part of my “Coke Studio Playlist”.

Most of the time, I like listening to music that makes sense – as in, the song’s lyrics should have a meaning. The deeper the meaning, the better the song.

This song is haunting on so many levels.

  1. First of all, being a big Coke Studio (until this year), I love all their songs. I like their videos, too.
  2. I love Faisal and Bilal. They are so charming. They are talented too, but
  3. Lyrics: beautiful, painful, soulful.
  4. Vocals: The controlled and melodious rendition by Humera Channa makes me feel nostalgic, which is funny; cuz I listened to the original after I heard this. The nostalgia, I guess, is of the bygone era where lyrics were important.
  5. The honey coated voice of Nabeel Shaukat Ali compliments Humera’s vocals. I have been his fan ever since I listened ‘Bewajah’.

I love this song so much, I can go on and on. Let is suffice to say that I have listened to it so many times, that I can play it in my head. I can’t sing it, though. My vocals aren’t that good and my lungs are not that strong 😛


Have you watched / listened to this? What’s your go-to melody song?


Shabana Mukhtar