Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #7

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The episode opens with Bhola insulting the maid Shakooran, passing comments on her appearance. Their talk blows out of proportion when Rizwana chachi overhears the conversation and tells Bhola that Shakooran is trying to woo Bhola. Eventually, Bhola is crying about Shakooran stealing Rizwana chachi’s ‘doray’. It is a funny scene, but also shows us how Bhola’s mind works, jumping from one topic to other.
Bhola gets sick, much to the worries of Amma and chachi. Amma goes to a mazaar for mannat, running into Amma Jannate.

The two women also talk about Bhola, Amma Jannate clearly stating that Fehmeeda (Amma) is kidding herself by saying that Bhola is not a completely insane person; and that nobody would be willing their daughter to marry Bhola.

The conversation subtly tells us that we should ask from Allah alone, and only He blesses us with that we want, not some wali, or baba or durvesh.

Haji sahab hears about Noori’s need for two lakhs and he gets the perfect opportunity to show his true colours by making an indecent proposal to Noori, offering her two lakh rupees as she needs. Noori, after contemplating a bit, throws the money on his face. Haji later threatens Noori, saying that he knows about Sahir.

Nusrat, Bhola’s uncle, doesn’t appear much but he seems to have his own agenda behind working tirelessly to manage the properties of Bhola’s deceased father.
The episode closes with Noori helping Qudsiya pack her bags and then pack hers as well to stay away from Haji sahab.

Shabana Mukhtar