Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #6

The episode opens with Noori’s refusal to marry Shoka and her conversation with Amma Jannate. Iqra does a fine job of playing an angry and heartbroken girl, disappointed in her parents, who are willing to accept her alliance with Shoka only because he is offering them money. Yep, selling their daughter. Noori’s anger is justified.
Sahir’s mother passes away and he simply proposes to marry Noor, asking her if she has some money. He has plans to move out of the country and he has no funds to support her or bring her with him. He doesn’t want the money for himself, but for Noori. Awnnn! Who would have thought he would be serious about her.
Sahir is arrested on the charge of theft in his shop by the shop owner. Things go downhill from here. The shop owner demands 1.5 lakh rupees to drop the charges against Sahir. A devastated Noori is counting her money but she has very little. She asks Qudsiya for a loan, who

Noor-ul-Hassan as Shoka is brilliant. I have seen him play the subdued and humble father in Lashkara, and Fahad Murtaza’s chacha in Load Wedding. He is a such a fine actor and gets under the skin of the character.

Best Scene:

Bhola’s question: Amma, Dil mein se mail kaise nikalti hai?

Shabana Mukhtar