Drama Review: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Episode #8

Haji sahab is upset when he finds out that Noori has left early for her weekend break.

Noori has stolen a golden jewellery from Qudsiya and has managed the amount. Sahir repeatedly asks her about the source of such big amount. Noori makes another fake story and Sahir is out of the jail.

Sahir wants to leave in a hurry, but Noori reminds her about his promise to marry her before he leaves. He gives her the address, but…

Haji threatens Rani to tell the truth about Noori. Police reaches Noori’s place and arrests her. Noori’s father begs Shoka to help him,  but Shoka refuses unless he is promised that Noori will be married to him.

Noori is beaten black and blue. She survives the torture but continues to say that Sahir has nothing to do with it.

Noori’s mother overacts, is loud and screechy when women from the neighbourhood blame Noori and accuse her of bad character.

The police shit continues and Shoka uses the opportunity to refuse to pay any money to nooris parents as he promised earlier, stating that his willingness to still marry Noori is a big favour in itself.

Haji goes to bail to confront Noori who threatens to tell the truth to police and his wife, because wives need no proof. The scene is written and executed brilliantly. Iqra, for the first time, gets the best performance of the episode. Her encounter with Haji is a treat to watch, especially her body language when she slumps down is exactly like a girl who’s from humble background. Bravo! Well done, Iqra!

This episode is the turning point of the series.

Best scene:

Komal persuading Bhola to eat and he is reminiscing all the places he used to visit  and the food he used to eat.he is not allowed to go outside and it’s  bothering him a lot, making him boycot his family and food, both.

Komal does a fine job of being upset without crying.

Shabana Mukhtar