OMG, half the year is gone!

Happy birthday, dad!

Yep, it is my father’s 72nd birthday.

Alright, so it is 1st of July; half the year has gone by, and I have no clue where it went. I feel that each passing year goes by faster than the previous one. Is it me or do you all feel the same?

June 2019 has been the best month in terms of blog traffic, whatever little I get, since I started blogging.

It is also the second worst in terms of royalty – for 2019. Jan 2019 was the worst, just FYI. I begin to wonder why?

I am very busy at work this year. Whatever time I get, I dedicate it to writing, because that comes naturally. I don’t get time to promote AT ALL, not that I know how to promote, doh!

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Upcoming released for July 2019:


For those who would to preview it or do a blog tour, please get in touch. No paid service, please.

Shabana Mukhtar

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