Roundup | February 2020

February (of a leap year, to be noted) was off to a poor start. My AdSense account stopped showing ads and earned nothing for a few days. The blog stats also reduced to half and I could not post as frequently as I had hoped.

Kindle Unlimited royalty is also decreasing by the day.

Has the sun set on my day in the sun?

Posts published: 82

I did not meet my 100 posts per month goal. Oops! In my defence, this month was shorter. I know, lame excuse.

Words written: 8K

I am hoping I could publish one novel next month. Eeesss!

Books reviewed: 9

Book Review | WORK IN PROGRESS | Stacy Hart

Book Review | LOVESTRUCK | Lila Monroe

Book Review | IT’S IN HIS KISS | Bria Quinlan

Book Review | HIS INNOCENT SECRETARY | Dee James

Book Review | MEETHI LAGAN TEEKHI CHUBHAN | Mrs Sohail Khan

Book Review: MAUT KI AANDHI (Jasoosi Duniya #12 By Ibn-e-Safi)

Book Review: PAHAROAN KI MALIKA (Jasoosi Duniya #11 By Ibn-e-Safi)


Book Review | KIS JAHAN KA ZARR LIYA | Umera Ahmed

How was February for my readers?

Shabana Mukhtar

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