September 2019 Roundup

Another month went by so quickly. The salary was credited on 26th, giving me 3 more days to spend it. Nah! I am a very cautious spender so I don’t fear I will be out of money before the month ends.

I did get carried away a bit and opted for a custom domain. I dropped the heavy part of my blog – .wordpress

There is so much I have to do to make my blog more user friendly. I hope I will be able to do that in October. I will be accepting book review requests again. You can request a drama review, too 🙂

Here’s the summary of my creative work.

Posts published: 28 (+4 from August)

Blog Views:  approx  three times the traffic of August as I draft this post, woohoo)

Words written: ~30K (+10K)

Books published: 0 (-3)

Books sold: 96 (+0 as on 27th)

Books Read: 8 (+3)

Books reviewed: 4 (on GoodReads)

How was September for my readers?

Shabana Mukhtar



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