5 Reasons to watch Alif Drama (Geo TV)

I am looking forward to watching Alif Drama (Geo TV). It is written by Umera Ahmed. The novel is already published in April 2019 and is immensely popular amongst Urdu readers.

I prefer not to watch the screen adaptation of a book. It is generally very loosely based on the original story and often the plot is changed to

  1. suit the sensibilities of the audience
  2. tone down the brutality or maturity of content to make it suitable for family viewing experience
  3. make it more commercial

But, I am looking forward to this one.

It is slated to air starting October 5, 201. Only 5 days to go. The trailers are out and it looks gorgeous and intriguing even though I have read the novel and know what will happen.

Okay, so why am I excited to watch this drama? Well, my reasons are simple.

The writer – Umera Ahmed

Umera had not written a novel post Aab-e-Hayaat, which was about 3-4 years ago. I remember that because I had just moved to my apartment, my own apartment, around that time. My sisters and I used to discussion the ending over a cup of tea until late in the night. Ah, those were the good times. In fact, I don’t recall any drama or telefilm written by Umera Ahmed since Ek Thhi Mariyam. So, Alif is a welcome surprise for Umera Ahmed fans and non-fans alike.

Please read complete novel review along with plot summary.

The cast

The drama was announced as soon as the author’s website started publishing the episodes online. The cast playing those characters was revealed, too. Umera’s facebook page shared photos from the shoot and behind the scenes which only added to the excitement.

When I read the episodes, I could visualize those actors mouthing those dialogue, enacting those heartwarming and heartbreaking scenes. To be honest, I would have imagined Hamza Ali Abbasi in that role anyway. He has that Qalb-e-Momin vibe. And he’s so good-lookin’. The rest of the cast is also interesting.

What do I feel about the cast? Read here.

The Teasers

The teasers are beautiful and it is great to see the world that Umera had created come alive on screen.

Possibility of closure

In my Alif novel complete review post, I have listed some questions that readers are left with. The most obvious one is ‘there wasn’t proper closure. Is there a possibility of another book?’

Well, I can’t say about another book. But the drama may address the ‘closure’ part.

The Hype

Of course, it seems to be the most happening thing on Pakistani drama front, after Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and Suno Chanda 2. Why would I miss it?

Are you excited about this drama? What are you looking forward do? Please do comment.

I am reading Deewar-e-Shab for the third time – this time for reviewing it. I will be posting about Deewar-e-Shab characters, plot summary and detailed review soon. The review may or may not contain spoilers. Should I watch the drama as well? Let me know.

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