Weekly Roundup | The Week That Was | 20w07

Is it Friday already? Dayam.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

Time’s flying super-fast these days. I haven’t gotten much done in this week. I was hoping to publish one book for Valentine. It didn’t happen, obviously. Else, I would have gone crazy announcing it.

I celebrated the “Romance Week” by reading a lot. Incidentally, this time around I found more “Clean Romance” books that “Steamy Romance” ones. I am happy. It didn’t just entertain me, but also gave me some new ideas to work on. Like I am ever out of new ideas. I don’t have enough time to finish all the stories I have begun writing.

The traffic on TOMU seems to have reduced. Where are all the lovely people who visited me daily? Come back here.

How was your week? Read anything interesting? Plans for tonight? *wink*

I have a date with this and I am gonna eat up.


Stay blessed. Stay Considerate.

Shabana Mukhtar