Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 1 Review

Time to review the first episode. For cast, please read here.  

The drama opens with a scene that is frowned upon in the literary world – waking up. But the self-talk works as the exposition and we meet our heroine. Lazy and clumsy AF, much like Haniya in Uff Haniya.  

There goes my first grouse. We have adjusted to seeing heroine wake up with a fully made-up look but this chunky jewellery, who wears it to bed?

Who, who, who?

Ayeza is pretty as it is. She could have done with a no-makeup look.  


And the same scene happens in another household. Osman wakes up.

We have two grandmothers constantly bickering – like in Rifat Siraj’s Haram, Mehram, Bharam… Hiba’s grandmothers. In case you were wondering, I borrowed that name from this novel for my novel Once Upon a Crush. The character is completely my own.  

Haadi, I mean… Arsalan gets his dialogues off-camera while the focus is on someone else – like Ayeza. Either the makers wanted to give her more screen time, which is plenty by the way, or he dubbed those lines later.  

There is even a self-reference of Suno Chanda’s OST. *rolling eyes*

We get it. This is the third season of Suno Chanda, in a way.  

Wait for the second episode’s review of Chupke Chupka. Shabana Mukhtar


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