Request a Sponsored Post

Our little blog is now accepting sponsored posts (about time, huh?). I have been getting requests for guest/sponsored posts for a while, but I never thought of entertaining them.

Until now.

With average ~70K views per month in 2022 so far (as of September 1, 2022); I think my audience can handle a sponsored post or two.


If you are interesting in publishing your guest posts, you can send me a request on

Ground Rules

  • The post should suits my site’s niche.
  • The writeup should cater to my audience.
  • The article should be sufficiently long.
  • The content should not be duplicate.
  • There should be only one dofollow link. I might add one internal link if the content could afford it.
  • The post will be under “Sponsored Post” category.
  • The post will go live within 48 hours after being reviewed. If the content doesn’t fit my blog, the deal will be off.
  • The charges vary basis the length/content/subject matter of the article/post.
  • The fee can be discussed when you submit your request for guest post.
  • PayPal payments are accepted.
  • You can pay only after the article is published.
  • I can do an honest product review if that’s what you’re interested in.

Looking for an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people.


Shoot me an email with your request. We will discuss the fee and niche there.

Shabana Mukhtar