Book Review: Alif – Episode #12 (Finale) (By Umera Ahmed)

The 12th and final episode is out. It is 29 pages long. I have included the link to read the episode online at the end of this post.


The episode is generally about tying the loose ends and there are some revelations. Don’t worry, I am not going to spoil the story for you.

‘Alif’ – the movie directed by Qalb-e-Momin is super successful. He also finds out that his letters to Allah have caused quite a mayhem in a number of lives.

Momin and Momina are destined to be together, we all know that. Umaira doesn’t give us that satisfaction, yet, as the two of them aren’t still together.

While the overall story is brilliant, I felt that the last episode was not as punching. I mean, it was more like closure. The usual Umaira style drama was missing.

Anyway, I will soon be reviewing the full novel completely.

Edit: I have published my review of complete novel. It includes plot summary of Alif, my review and my usual philosophising about stuff. I have also listed 5 reasons you should watch Alif drama. I feel about Alif drama trailer and casting for each of the characters we lived with for past 13 months.

And here is the link to read it online. Pssst… Check out my books here.

Happy reading!



  1. I started drafting it today so hopefully in a day or two depending on my mood 🙂
    As I mentioned in this review, I personally feel Umera likes to keep things abstract towards the end. We all remember how vague and abrupt the ending of Aab-e-Hayaat felt. In this one, though Momina and Momin did not end up together, there is a promise of a happily ever after.

    Thanks for stopping by. Are you thrilled to watch the drama?

  2. Ramsha says:

    When will be the whole review of Alif posted. I would like your opinion about momin and momina not ending up together. Does it leave a chance for another book. Do you think there should have been proper closure?

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