Book Review: Alif – Episode #3 (By Umera Ahmed)


The third episode unfolds some more mysteries & introduces one more character – Abul Aala, Momin’s grandpa; and the most important character, in my opinion.

The episode ends on a cliff-hanger. Like really hangs the reader.

The calligraphy link is stronger than I had imagined. Momin and Momina both can do calligraphy.

In this episode, Momin gets a taste of his own medicine – his fiance talks to him rudely. Isn’t that funny, and much deserved for Momin? 🙂

This novel is very fast paced. It is only three episodes and a lot has happened. Needless to say that I like that.

The characters so far:

Qalb-e-Momin: The male protagonist. A young boy who wrote innocent letters to Allah; and who turned to be a film director who objectified women. How did his journey take him from one place to other?

Husn-e-Jahan: QM’s mother, beautiful and successful actress of earlier years

Taha Abdul Aala: QM’s father, a calligrapher.

Abdul Aala: QM’s grandfather, a calligrapher.

Momina Sultan: The female protagonist. An actor, a powerhouse performer, still struggling. She doesn’t like her profession, but has to work to support her family, which included her parents and ailing brother

Jehangir: Momina’s ailing brother with failed kidney

Sultan: Momina’s father, the makeup artist of Husn-e-Jehan

Suraiyya: Momina’s mother

Aqsa: Momina’s selfless friend and pillar of support

Daud: Momina’s friend and

Master Ibrahim: Momina’s teacher for calligraphy

Jhumar: Eunuch who lives in same locality as Momina

The common link between Momin and Momina are

  • Husn-e-Jahan
  • Calligraphy
  • Show-biz

And here is the link to read it online.

Happy reading!