Book Review: Alif – Episode #5 (By Umera Ahmed)

The fifth episode is out.


The fifth episode starts with a letter from Qalb-e-Momin to Allah.

This episode delves deeper into the mystery named Qalb-e-Momin.

This episode sheds light on why he has become the atheist and woman objectifier that he is today.

Momin’s track sees him backlash on Neha for pestering him to cast Zoofi, and Mr Akhter who commented a lot on Husn-e-Jehan. Neha is replaced by other wardrobe designer. Mr Akhter is fired.\The two join hands to avenge this by posting private pics of Momin with other models.

Momin is visiting his grandpa and an argument takes place, which forced Momin and his grandpa to challenge each other. That’s where the episode ends. Damn, another month of wait.

There is another character Faisal introduced as Momina’s ex-boyfriend. That track seems to have started and ended in the same episode. The whole Faisal angle felt rushed.

  1. He visits to offer condolences
  2. His mother comes with a proposal and gives her two 5000 notes.
  3. He meets Momina and asks her to leave her profession
  4. She leaves for America and returns the notes.


And here is the link to read it online.

Happy reading!


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