Book Review: Alif – Episode #9 (By Umera Ahmed)

The ninth episode is released on 1 April, 2019. It is 35 pages long. You can find the link to read online below. I would still request you to read the review, and leave comments. That’s what I need in return.

Here goes.


The episode starts with yet another letter, but from a different person that before. It is a letter from Syed Ibrahim (Master Ji – Momina’s teacher) to Abdul Aala. The letter sheds some light on Master Ibrahim and his earlier life. Every character has a grey past, it seems.

Abdul Alaa passed away. The funeral and the days after are moments of epiphany for Qalb-e-Momin. His past talks with his grandpa, his accusations, his big words – everything comes back to haunt him.

The scene shifts to Pakistan where Momina is making waves in media with her Oscar win for Supporting Actress. At the same time, Momin comes back with a completed script.

On Momina’s side, she finds out the her mother is sick and is in early stages of Schizophrenia. Momina cannot help that she has no time for her family.

The story line then moves to Alif – the upcoming movie by Momin, which has a superb story. The film is offered to Momina.  She refuses initially but later accepts when she finds that Momin had also contributed the funds for Jehangir’s funeral, even though unknowingly.

The episode ends on a happy note. Momin’s team is confident to get sponsors now. Not for Momin’s spiritual film, but for Momina’s first Pakistani film.

And the reader is left with another month of wait.



Momina’s dilemma with her mother was painful. We need money to make our family happy and provide them the best. We cannot give them time, because we spend that time making more money, buying more happiness.

And then, all the money seems to have no value, because suddenly the family needs you, not your money.

It is such a vicious cycle.


And here is the link to read it online.

Happy reading!

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