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I often feel that in some random numerology, SHABANA and PROCRASTINATOR are just the same. I procrastinate so much.

It has been 7 days since I came back home; it has been 6 days since my li’l sis reminded me to read and catch up on with latest episode of Maala; and it has been 2 days since I finally read the episode.

I didn’t start writing down my thoughts until now.


I procrastinate so much and so often.

Or maybe I’m plain lazy and calling myself a procrastinator is just a way of using a fancy adjective for myself.

Anywho, let’s get to the episode.


So, episode 8 is here. For a refresher course, check old episodes. Let’s quickly cover the ground.

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Plot Summary

First of all, let me admit that I was a li’l bit disoriented after the hiatus. I couldn’t remember a thing about how the previous episode had ended. Kakh bhi yaad na thha. Of course, I didn’t even think of reading my own review to recollect the details. I just dived into it.

Grumpy Mahir

Most of the episode showed us how Mahir’s closed ones learned about his fatal accident, and then later how they deal with our grumpy hero. The sibling connection comes strong and hits you in the stomach. These two brothers have just such good bond.

This narrative ok Mahir’s side was laced with subtle humour, and I loved it. I ship Birbal amd Shabnam. Anyone else?

Stubborn Maya

On the other hand, Maala is also trying hard to find the person who is doing all the magic on her. We also learn a bit about her past, her childhood and the daemons that she has been fighting as the elder sibling of the family. I’m not the elder sibling, but I do understand the high expectations one has from the elder-born of the family. I understand her pain, but the whole high-school shiz was a bit clouded. I mean… I didn’t really understand what she had to do with peon Shakoor’s firing from the school. Wasn’t it some other girl who blamed Shakoor? Or maybe there is more to that story that will be revealed later.

This episode also brings Maahi’s husband Ibaad into the story. Until now, he has been Maahi’s obedient and witty husband who has good one-liners. In this episode, we see him taking Maala’s side and his observations on how elder siblings sacrifice themselves for their families.

Whoever (Let’s call him Zyx–that’s Xyz backwards. I’m such a smartypants) is trying to do a magic on Maala is feeding her sugary treats. Incidentally, Maala has strong aversion towards sweets. Maahi eats them instead. This worries me. Would Maahi fall for Zyx instead of Maala? That is bad for Ibaad, no? Things just got murkier.

And, then, towards the end, we leard the true identity of Zyx and Sarkar. That was such a mind-nlowing twist.


Is it just a coincidence or is there a relation between Youth Club and Nemrah Ahmed? Each episode matches with the contents of one or the other Youth Club video that I would have watched that week. I had finished watching Raja Zia ul Haq’s video about black magic when Nemrah explained the same in an episode (I guess episode #3).

[Courtesy: YouthClub YouTube Channel]

On Saturday, I had watched Tuaha Ibn Jalil’s talk about types of dreams and Mubasshirat. In this Nemrah talks about the same.

[Courtesy: YouthClub and Tuaha’s YouTube Channel]

Talk about coincidence!

This whole talk about rehmani khwab and nafsani khwab and shaitani khawab tells us one thing–dont share your dreams with any Tom Dick and Harry.

Keep them in your heart, safe and guarded, and ask Allah for his forgiveness and blessings.

Parting Note

Nemrah surprises us as usual by portraying Malik as a suspicious character, only to reveal at the end that he just might be genuinely concerned about business and his nephews. Yes, plural. He is also advertising Birbal’s bakery. That comes as a pleasant and predictable surprise.

This is Nemrah’s style. For instance, the wire in Mahir’s room that causes everyone to fall is intentionally out of place. We are made for think that it might be Birbal’s doing because he enjoys Shabnam falling again and again. However, it is the older brother who is behind it. Similarly, the end brings in a delicious twist when we learn the true identity of the person who’s putting kaala jadu, sehr-e-ishq on Maala, and the true identity of the evil Sarkar. That was quite a revelation.

The next episode would be quite something, if that comes on time, that is.


That was a brief summary of the latest episode of Maala.

Let me know how you felt about this episode. You can comment, or email me.


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