Emergency Love | Episode 123


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Mahek lies to Nisan to make sure that Nisan doesn’t reconcile with Sinan. Abidin and Melik have a bet going on, too.

Nisan is also presented with another dilemma: whether she wants to work with Sinan or not. Will she stay? Zeynep and Nisan plan to go out partying at clubs to forget their exes. I don’t think Zeynep needs that because she has already moved on, with Baris.

Sonia offers a senior doctor’s post to Tanveer while she knows that Tanveer and Sinan have a bitter past. Wonder what that is! I stand corrected. I don’t care what’s his angle. I am quite bored of this series already. And, yet, like a committed person that I am; I will finish this series.

Shabana Mukhtar