Chand Tara | Episode 10

Chanda Tara is an upcoming Ramzan special drama on Hum TV. It’s a sit-com as usual, and has a solid team behind it-the team that has given us projects like Chupke Chupke and Hum Tum and Kaala Doriya.

Writer: Saima Akram Chaudhry

Director: Danish Nawaz

Producer: Momina Dauraid Productions

Chand Tara Episode 10 Written Update & Review

Assalam Alaikum dear readers!

It’s me, Shabana Mukhtar, and I’m back with a recap and review of the tenth episode of “Chand Tara”. Brace yourself because this episode was filled with more drama than ever.

Get ready to put on your serious pants because this episode was mostly all about serious discussions.

Dr. Raziya reminded Saarim that he must leave Pakistan after the wedding. It’s like a reality check that no one asked for. I mean, who wants to think about their loved ones leaving the country before the wedding even happens?

The mehr and dowry discussion also turns serious, and things get awkward when Mir Jafar leaves the meeting. It’s like being in a business meeting where no one is happy with the deal.

But the fun part was Tara’s bridal shower. It’s like the one thing that makes weddings fun. It was a nice break from all the seriousness.

Overall, this drama has good intentions, but the execution somehow doesn’t fit well with me. I mean, somewhere something is wrong. Or maybe it’s just me.

Danish Taimoor surprises me in every episode. Whether it’s his funny dialogues or his semi-serious characters, he always manages to bring something new to the table. But even he can’t save this drama from being too dramatic.

In conclusion, this drama is too dramatic yaar. It’s like the writers are trying too hard to make it dramatic and comedy and serious all at the same time, and it’s just not working for me. But who knows, maybe the next episode will be different.

That’s my take on the latest episode of Chand Tara. How do others feel about this episode?


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Shabana Mukhtar