Chand Tara | First Impression

Chanda Tara is an upcoming Ramzan special drama on Hum TV. It’s a sit-com as usual, and has a solid team behind it-the team that has given us projects like Chupke Chupke and Hum Tum and Kaala Doriya.

Writer: Saima Akram Chaudhry

Director: Danish Nawaz

Producer: Momina Dauraid Productions

First Impression of Chand Tara and Teasers

Assalamu Alaikum dear readers,

I recently watched the promo of the upcoming Pakistani drama “Chand Tara” on Hum TV, and I must say that it has left me with mixed feelings. While there are some aspects of the drama that I am looking forward to, there are also a few reservations that I have.

Real Couple As Reel Couple

Firstly, I must mention that the lead couple, Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor, are a real-life couple, and that is always a treat to watch on-screen. Ayeza Khan, in particular, is known for her amazing acting skills and her ability to bring any character to life. She is a natural in romantic comedies, and I am looking forward to seeing her in this genre again.

Danish Taimoor in a Comedy Role

I am also pleasantly surprised to see Danish Taimoor in a comedy role. Lately, he has been playing problematic, toxic male characters, and it’s refreshing to see him in a different light. It’s always good to see actors experimenting with different genres and roles, and I’m hoping that Danish will excel in this new avatar as well.

Danish Nawaz

It would also be a nice experience to see Danish Nawaz on screen. That’s right. He isn’t just behind the camera this time. Danish has great comic timing, and is always a treat to watch. This time, he is directing and acting in the same play

Forumalaic rom-com

However, my reservations about “Chand Tara” lie in the fact that it seems to follow a very formulaic rom-com storyline. The writer, Saima Akram Chaudhary, is known for her rom-coms, and while they are enjoyable, they can also be very predictable. I’m hoping that there will be some twists and turns in the story that will keep the audience engaged and interested.

That being said, I’m still expecting “Chand Tara” to be a nice Ramzan special drama. Hum TV always manages to come up with quality content during the holy month of Ramzan, and I’m sure this drama will be no exception.

In conclusion, while I have some reservations about “Chand Tara,” I’m still looking forward to watching it. The lead couple and the new avatars of the actors are enough to pique my interest, and I’m hoping that the story will have enough depth to keep me engaged. Only time will tell how good the drama will be, but I’m optimistic and eagerly waiting for its release.

Until next time, take care and Allah Hafiz.


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Is it? It would be nice to see a spinoff. I’ve only seen is baraat series in Pakistani dramas as a series of spinoffs. Ayeza looks so pretty 😍

  2. Iqra says:

    Apparently it is a spin-off Suno Chanda…

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