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Badshah Begum Episode 1 Recap

We meet all the players of this Desi game of thrones.

Badshah Begum Episode 2 Written Update and Review

Qaisar forcefully takes the doctor for his baby’s delivery. If I’m understanding it right, Peeranpur has a woman ruler, and that’s why Qaisar wants a baby girl. His wife passes away while delivering a baby. I think it is a baby boy, but Qaisar announces otherwise.
The imaginative romance scene between Bakhtiyar and Jahan Ara was nice. But Bakhtiyar does confess his love for Jahan Ara. Roshan Ara sees this, and she loses her mind. She is obsessed about Bakhtiyar. I can’t wait to see how she deals with this.
It’s Jahan Ara’s birthday, and Bakhtiyar decides to surprise Jahan Ara. Jahan Ara blows things out of proportion. On a side note, what does Bakhtiyar’s mother do? Her status was referred to multiple times. Is she a bureaucrat or something?
Shah Alam delivers some of the best lines of this drama. Loved it.

Performances & Review

All the performances were just what we would expect. Even Abul Hasan who comes only for a scene, he’s so good as Pir Murad.

I felt that Komal’s self talk was a bit too dramatic, only in terms of delivery. The mirror reflection was shot beautifully. I have a picture in a mall with similar mirror setup. It comes out really nice, if you are into that sort of thing.

I have a question about the whole “Bakhtiyar and Jahan Ara in the Principle’s room” situation. When Bakhtiyar runs towards his bike to follow Jahan Ara, did he have her diary? Because in his defence, he mentions that he wanted to return her diary. Just saying…

It has been only two episodes, and it would be too early to say this, but I like the non-verbal advances of the story. For instance, when the baby was born, both Badshah Begum and Pir Shahzeb are seen to show their angst/disappointment. Similarly, when Qaisar comes to meet Badshah Begum, he stares at the woman outside Badshah Begum’s room, and when he goes back, they both nod. I think, I think (Chandler Bing) he wanted her to somehow comvey his presence to others in the haveli, which she did by telling Murad, who in turn tells Shahzeb. If it was really as nuanced as I think it was, it was brilliantly done.

I still think this should have been a webseries. It would have been a sensation.


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