Drama Review | Angna | Episode 2

[Courtesy: ARY Digital]


The wedding preparations are on. While Salma and Ziya are too sweet, Zain’s mother might just be the tots opposite. 
Raza and his family are fully enjoying the perks with the newfound business. I understand why they are so happy. If someone moves from middle class to upper, khush hona to banta hai. This Raza dude is quite sharp; he never leaves a chance to score brownie points with Azhar. Kitna maska lagayega re baba?
A good portion of this episode was in song and dance sequence at the mehendi function. And then enters the third son-in-law of the family–Ammar. Bas phir, chat mangni te pat vyah. Itni jaldi shadi ki tayari karta kaun hai? My brother got married in November and we got only two weeks to prepare. It was madness. Even though we were mentally prepared for about six months, working out the logistics takes quite a lot of time, especially when you have a big family. I digress. What I’m trying to get at is: Azhar and family agree to Ammar’s proposal. To think that they would just agree to a wedding in a snap just blew my mind.


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Shabana Mukhtar