Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 6

Badshah Begum Episode 5 Recap

Qaisar kills a little boy, and his enraged mother, Sakeena, shares a little secret with Shahzeb.

Badshah Begum Episode 6 Written Update and Review

The episode is about a lot of face-to-face confrontations, some are romantic, some, not so much.

The opening scene is oh so romantic.

The other confrontation wasn’t so romantic.


Qaisar’s baby isn’t a girl, nor a boy. Called it. But then Qaisar knows that it was Sakeena who told Shahzeb. He doesn’t he unforgivable to both his baby and Sakeena. This drama is so grotesque. I don’t think I can watch it anymore. This isn’t why I watch dramas, to be scared and nauseated.


Pir Shah Alam declares Shah Mir as gaddi nasheen in his own place, and Jahan Ara as new Badshah Begum. Here we were thinking that it’s only Shahzeb’s power that’s being given to Shah Mir. Hakim Bi is just as devastated. The only one celebrating is Jahan Ara and Qaisar.


The performances are still on point, and everyone is still giving their best. Everyone!!!


I guess I’m done with this drama. It’s too violent for my liking.

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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. He has suddenly become my fav, first Ruposh, then Badzaat ost and then C&S OST, he has a 100% success rate 😀

  2. Ah, B99 is in the pipeline for long and I keep watching some clips just to keep myself entertained, and The office. I’ve never watched even a single episode of either, but I’m still a fan, haha

  3. liza says:

    also the C&S ost is so effing adorable, i had tears in my eyes. that man, wajhi farooki, is a genius.

  4. liza says:

    awhhh yeah i get it.. i used to be like that.. i could never watch gruesome scenes.. but now i guess i’ve trained my eyes. I still can’t do like knife scenes tho, that shit is scary.. and sure! i will definitely give a parental guidance (:P, jk) and tell you which parts to watch and not watch 🙂 and omg c&s just keeps getting better and better! now the catalyst of the drama will air tonight and i’m so so so excited for that !!

    and you should definitely watch brooklyn nine nine!! it’s a brilliant sitcom. always been a fan of that. but there is toooo much on your plate right now.. khair.. inshallah one day ahaha

  5. I know, this isn’t half bad if you compare it to other stuff. the very reason i stopped watching Prison break was the same. People killed others left right and center. That has affected me so much; i can stil tell you a few scenes as if i have watched them yday. I can’t deal with it, so i now choose romcoms like chaudhry and sons. what a gem it has been so far

  6. it sure does. tell you what, next week onwards, you can give me a headup if there are some scenes i should skip. and then i will watch the episode. what say?

  7. liza says:

    i’ve always liked gruesome violence (not that i condone it)… i’ve always been a big fan of criminal minds… and the ruthless, gruesome shit they show in that drama isn’t half of what they show here.. so i’m not bothered but i’m not desensitized tho.. if that’s what you’re thinking… and this is like the pakistani spin off of game of thrones, except it is more realistic and doesn’t contain any dragon stuff

    well hamara qaiser bhai is just ruthless i guess 🙁 not many views for BB i think because of its heavy content that affects your head as well as your eyes…

  8. I was so excited for Jahan Ara, her character arc and her love life, it was bound to sizzle…

  9. I like the rest of the story, but Qaisar and his acts… Does it not bother you? I couldn’t shake the episode off my head. Argh, so disturbing…

  10. liza says:

    nooo don’t stop 🥺 now we see a character development for jahan ara and now i’m excited for that 🥺

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