Hook | Episode 13


Hook: Roses And Thorns—Love And Revenge

The story of Hook revolves around the intense emotions of love and revenge. The conflict arrives when Shaheer comes in between Haya and Zayan.

Sometimes your love is not enough for life to go straight. People with terrible intentions will try their best to drag you down. Standing against the wind will be difficult for you when life will go out of bounds.

Written By: Shagufta Bhatti and Shahid Dogar

Directed By: Mohsin Mirza

[Source: ARY Digital Website]

Hook Episode 13 Written Update & Review

Zayan comes to pick up Safiya. Aziz sees this and mighty pisses. Zayan was right: Aziz is always upset. I’m sure Aziz and Safiya will have another fight about this. By the way, Sohail Sameer looks dashing in that frame.

Jafar is angry at Wali for listening to the women and taking Haya to the hospital.

Resham has a secret agenda. She isn’t sympathetic to anyone. She wants things to go awry in the haveli, especially for Maimoon and Amma. She has angst for everyone in this house for her past. Little does she know that there are twists that are coming her way.

Now, let’s talk about the most awaited scene. Haya gives Zayan a shutup call-You are my namehram. I’m Jafar’s wife and accepted this marriage from heart. Haya’a monologue was moving. It moved us, and it moved Jafar.

“I’m not your love. I’m Jafar’s honour,” Haya tells Zayan.

Bas phir, Jafar forgives Zayan, because now Haya doesn’t want to do anything with Zayan. What a twist!

Wali still threatens Zayan, and the slo-mo walk away… Nice!

Jafar tells Parveen to ready a room for Haya. Parveen first tells Maimoona about the “order”. How would these women tolerate that Haya has come back?


Assalam Alaikum, dear readers!

Shabana Mukhtar here! Today, I am here to share my thoughts on the thirteenth episode of “Hook”. As you all know, I have been following this drama closely and I must say, it has been an interesting ride so far.

In this episode, we saw a major shift in the storyline as things changed for Haya. It was almost funny to see Resham’s plans going for a toss. Finally, it was time for Haya to have some success in her life, and I must say, it was a much-needed change.

However, I was disappointed to see the plotting of the four women (Amma, Maimoona, Resham and Parveen) against Haya. I mean, seriously? Four against one? That’s not fair at all. It was frustrating to see how they were trying to bring Haya down by manipulating the situation in their favor. It was heartening to see Haya fight back and stand up for herself.

One thing I appreciate about this drama is that it sheds light on the challenges faced by women in our society. It shows us how women are often at the mercy of the men in their lives, and how they are expected to fulfill certain roles and behave in a certain way. The drama also highlights the importance of education and how it can empower women to take charge of their lives.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode of “Hook” and I am looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds in the upcoming episodes. I hope the writers continue to focus on the issues faced by women and present a strong and positive message through this drama. Thank you for reading my review, and I’ll be back soon with more updates on “Hook”!

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Shabana Mukhtar

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