Book Review: Haalim – Episode #18 – Part 1 (By Nemrah Ahmed)

The author’s facebook page has already announced that episode 18 will be published in two parts.

Part 1 was published on November 13. I was waiting for the second part to come, but I don’t know when would that be. Since I read a lot, I didn’t want to forget about it and re-read it in order to write a review post. So, I am doing it now.


Jihan Sikandar is back people. And am I loving him or what?

Part 1 is only based in Qahera (I assume that the English name of the city is same as we speak in Urdu). There are no other characters from Malaysia / Malaka.

What I love the most about the episode is the balance that she strikes between two protagonists. Jihan is perfect, true but Talia is not naive either. In a couple of places where Jihan is shown to be more mature and better skilled, that is subtly followed up by the fact that Talia is heartbroken and the hurt can impair the judgement of a person.

The whole Alpha Female felt dragged for me, but that is only me. For my sister, the whole concept was new and she enjoyed it immensely. She is still obsessing over it and trying to find out the alpha females in her family and her circle of friends.

Yesterday, when she was discussing the same with me, I told her that we have no alpha females in our family. I didn’t want to break her heart. But, let me put it out here for the record – it is me. I am the alpha female in my family and my colleagues and everywhere else that I can count myself as an entity.

That’s right. I am over-confidence personified.

Happy reading!


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