Telefilm Review | Bahu Rani Saas Sayani



Pyar Kahani is a telefilm written by Ateeq Inayat and directed by Kaleem Khan.

Cast and Characters

Hina Dilpazeer as Noor


Hina Altaf as Aini

Azfar Rehman as Moin

Durdana Butt as Dado

Moin’s dado. She is the one person who can put Noor in her place.


Shahzeen Rahat as Sherry

Aini’s friend. She is married and has a continuous ranting about her mother-in-law.

Adil Wadia as Saleem

Saleem Saab is the patient in hospital. Later, he also helps Aini to scare Noor as part of her revenge.

Faiza Ali as Aamna

She’s Aini’s friend and is engaged to Hussain. But, like Sherry, she is also constantly worried about her MIL. Later, when she meets fake Dr Janjua slash waiter, she decides to marry him because he has no MIL. Go figure!

Ghana Ali as Ruby

Noor’s assistant and partner in crime.

Ayesha Ali


Yasir Alvi

Waiter who pretends to be Noor’s doctor Dr Janjua.


Saima as Almas

Noor’s friend

Plot & Review

Aini is a nurse, all of 28 years and waiting for her Mr right.

She’s clumsy and careless. There is a patient Saleem who’s broken leg, thanks to Aini. On his way to recovery and almost ready to eb discharged, he gets injured, again, thanks to Aini, again.

Aini’s two other nurse friends have horror stories to share about their mothers-in-law (DIL). Sherry and her saas have a permanent tiff. Aamna is engaged to Hassan and is already bothered about her MIL. They discuss how a daughter-in-law (DIL) and MIL can never be friends. Our dear Aini, the naive little klutzilla hopes that her MIL would be different. Sherry tells her that her future MIL must be having evil thoughts about her in some corner of the world.

As if on cue, the next scene shows Noor alight from a SUV. She is coming straight from the airport, to meet her son. She’s Dr Moin’s overprotective mother who feels that every girl is after her son.

Dr Moin has recently joined the hospital. Even though he seemed to have quite a bond with fellow Dr Ayesha, no nurse  has seen him yet, namely Aini, Aama or Sherry.

When Noor meets Dr Ayesha, her guard instantly goes up and she begins to insult Dr Ayesha. Dr Ayesha was also a good match and her mean comments push Noor off her edge. She offers Ruby 2000 rupees per punch and they attack Dr Ayesha. That scene is hilarious.

Moin and Aini literally run into each other at an orphanage named Saaya e Shajr. And that one collision is enough for both of them to think about each other. Of course, they work at the same hospital. Convenient, but acceptable.

Moin gets a cut on his hand just so he could meet Aini. Bhai wah!

They court at lightening speed and soon he gives her keys for an apartment he has bought for her. Really?

Moin brings Aini home and the drama begins. Noor tries everything in her power, and beyond, to bring distance between them. From humiliating Aini to making her work like a maid to scaring her in the middle of the night. She also hires a waiter to pretend to be her doctor and prescribe complete bed rest and full-time caretaker.

Aini calls for support. Aamna and Sherry smell the fishy business and start following Noor. When they find out the truth, Aini retaliates. Thus begins the game of cat and mouse. Noor is admant that Moin marries Almas’s daughter Zara who is also a doctor and has studies from London.


The chase stops when Moin’s grandmother makes an entry. It does end on a happily ever after note.



Hina Dilpazeer overacts through the first scene and keeps on doing that for the entire length of the telefilm.

I never liked Hina Altaf’s acting. I never liked Azfar Rahman’s acting, either. I watched the telefilm for Hina Dilpazeer.

Others do justice to their roles – from Aamna to Sherry to Dr Janjua.

Ghana Ali gives the best performance of the entire cast. Whatever little role she had, she nailed it.

Parting Thoughts

Do watch to relax a bit and have a few laughs.

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Shabana Mukhtar