Sabaat | Episode 27


Alright, let’s begin the review of the latest episode of Sabaat (episode 27). It aired on October 18, 2020.

Atif is trying to brainwash Hassan so he would divorce Anaya. Hassan doesn’t agree. But, for the first time, Hassan snaps at Atif. Is he getting a spine, finally? Meh!

Mrs Fareed is conspiring to delay Meeral’s divorce and the lawyer is an accomplice. Meeral finds out and vows to cancel his license. Someone else to bear the brunt of her anger… What a change!
Ali’s mother isn’t happy that he’s marrying Meeral. Meeral is adamant to divorce Haris despite his repeated pleas. This thread is getting elongated

Anaya is all set to join her office. But something awful has happened – Yasir replaces Jehangir as Anaya’s boss. Their first meeting goes well, as Anaya handles the situation properly. On very first day, she’s asked to accompany Yasir for a business trip, she denies of course. I can foresee a face-off between Anaya and Yasir.

But… wait… Atif, the detective tells Hassan that Anaya is outing with Yasir in Karachi. What he doesn’t tell is that there are seven other people in the team. Damn! 

The episode ends as Yasir offers Anaya a promotion. And, we see Anaya shivering with wrath.

Parting Thought

The construction business seminar was totally unrelated, no?

Best scene

The incoherent noise that Ibrahim makes. I replayed that section twice. Lovely, masha’allah!

Best line of this episode

Atif says:

جسے دولت دی اسے عقل نہیں دی، اور جسے عقل دی، اسے میری طرح غریب پیدا کیا۔

Shabana Mukhtar

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