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Two eloping strangers, one train journey and a marriage of convenience…

Bold and beautiful, feisty and fiercely competitive; Hiba Sayyed is all set to join VIT, Pune as first-semester Computer Science MTech student.

Tall and dark, handsome and rich; Ubaid Sayyed is all set to join at Informatica, Pune as a Human Resources executive. He has an inherent giving nature, especially when it comes to the fairer gender.

Seemingly strangers, the two bumps into each other at the railway station as they both flee from their families for a free and independent life.

Circumstances force them to be roommates and thus begins a funny and sweet love story.

Marriage of Convenience trope meets Old Crush in Once Upon a Crush—a clean and wholesome, standalone romance novella with a promised happy ending.

Buy the book here.  It costs 99 INR (99 cents) and free for kindle unlimited subscribers.

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