Book Review: How to be Happy Alone: A single’s guide to a satisfying life

Book Details

Title: How to be Happy Alone: A single’s guide to a satisfying life

Author: Katharine Coggeshal

Published on: 23rd July 2017

Genre: Personal Development and Self Help

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Welcome to Single Town, a place of opportunity, renewed energy, and plenty of good company! This is the ultimate guide to a satisfying life as a single. Learn how to be happy alone through pages filled with beautiful images and helpful advice on exploring you, healthy mind and body, cures for loneliness, and much more.


First of all, what a title!
Second of all, what a great title!

Okay, let’s get started.
It is a short book that systematically teaches you the art of being single. And that single does not mean alone. Even though the title sounds like the book is for people who are single, or recently divorced, or recently broken up; it is so much more. The suggestions in the book can be applied to anybody and everybody who ever feels depressed and lonely.

The book has words that can tug your heart.

The book has lines that make you go, “hey, that’s exactly what I feel”.

The book has short and to-the-point suggestions.

The book has cute pics of pets.

And all of that is only in 64 pages.


I guess every person who’s asked about marriage plans should just recommend this book to the asker.

Excerpts / Quotes / Highlights:

“Many people choose to stay in unsatisfying romantic relationships simply because they fear being alone.”

“Family is forever.”

“None of us are perfect, nor should we try to be, but improving ourselves allows us to improve our relationships and outlook on life, making happiness and satisfaction more attainable.”


Overall rating: 5/5

Shabana Mukhtar

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