Book Review: Unexpected By Anil Manoharan

Book Details

Title: Unexpected

Author: Anil Manoharan

Published on: 22 April 2018

Genre: General Fiction

Link to Buy: Amazon


It’s about Nil , an ex advisor of a court who falls in love with a lady named Susan whom he has just imagined and read her letters to her lover , will he be successful to make Susan as her wife ? It’s an adventure slash romantic story which everyone should read.



Non Review Rant

A kind soul Joshua Grunt reviewed my book on his blog. I found this book ‘Unexpected’ there. Since it was a short book, I decided to read it. I want to contribute my bit for indie authors.


The book is a cross between adventure and romance. The story line is whatthe synopsis covers adequately. The narration has some poems, which gives Nil a morale boost as he continues his conquest to win Susan.

The setting is historical – something that I don’t like much. But the story is heart-warming.


Overall rating: 3/5

Shabana Mukhtar

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