The week that was: #9

Hello again and welcome to my world!

How have you been?

This is time for a recap of my week.

My Office:

Work week was okay. I had to work a couple of hours extra on Tuesday, to attend a call with US folks. This timezone difference is still a bit of concern. Staying late was not so much of a problem. Travelling back by second drop was – which reaches around 9 p.m. You hear it? From 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Imagine how tiring it can get.

And today, we had a team dinner. It was dull, just as I expected.

I know, but it is sort of job profile, so I didn’t say no.

My Writing:

I am having a writers’ anti-block. I call it anti-block when ideas come to my mind from all directions and I just can’t fit it in my schedule to write about it. I don’t even  get time to jot down the outline to work on it later. It is overwhelming.

My Reading:

I have been reading “Turtles” by John Green for weeks now. I read seven chapters and stopped. I resumed reading it this week, got through a few more chapters; but stopped again. The book is a blend of beautiful and relatable thoughts of Aza and sometimes it just sounds blah.blah.blah.

I read a few Harold’s books by and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

P.S. I want to take a moment and thank every visitor on my blog. Your time is appreciated 🙂