Book Review: Alif – Episode #10 (By Umera Ahmed)

The 10th episode is released on 1 May, 2019. It is 48 pages long. You can find the link to read online below. I would still request you to read the review, and leave comments. That’s what I need in return.

Here goes.


The episode starts with yet another letter, from Husn-e-Jahan to Abdul Aala.

The paintings that Abdul Aala gifted Qalb-e-Momin year after year on his birthday, are priceless pieces of calligraphy that more than one person is interested in – Momina, Khaliq Ali, Master Ibrahim and Momin himself.

The first press conference for Alif was quite interesting. It showed Momina as a super confidence and smart woman and Qalb-e-Momin, for whatever reasons felt embarassed about everything.

Then, Sultan reveals, finally, what happened when he visited Husn-e-Jahan in Turkey. The meeting that was equivalent of the first domino falling. It turns out that Momin, the young kid Momin had caused it.

And the reader is left with another month of wait.



The conversation between Khaliq Ali and Shakoor brings a smile on my face. I wonder about the help of these big celebrities. What is their life like? I mean, there are a lot of real-life Qalb-e-Momins and equals or more number of Shakoors. They must have quite an interesting life, too.

Yet another time, Umaira reminds us that money is a double-sided sword.


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Happy reading!