Live Now: Uff Haniya (Published on 28th April, 2019)


28th April, 2019 marks the anniversary of my first digitally published novelette Uff Yeh Ladki.

As an anniversary present to myself and my readers, I am publishing the English edition of the same book.

You can buy it here.



Anas ke bacchey[1]…” She screamed. Even though she was younger, she had always addressed Anas by his name, inviting wrath from Zubaida. Now, she was his elder daughter-in-law, so nobody could complain.

“Moonis bhai’s kids would arrive first. Mine would have to wait.” Anas was unruffled by her jab, making her blush insanely. She fluttered eyelashes quickly. Her lips quivered slightly, despite her attempts to stop it.

 “Oh, look. Haniya can blush, too. Doesn’t she look pretty.” Haider chuckled.

And Moonis, who was walking down the stairs froze. He was watching her for the first time after nikaah. He was watching her blush for the first time. Anas turned his head and spotted him.

“Moon bhai, please join us. We are watching the nikaah’s photographs.

“Sure!” he sat on the lounge chair next to Haniya. Haniya was blushing crazily. Sure, they lived in the same house. It was the first time they were facing each other. Haniya was undergoing a severe attack of self-imposed shyness and did not know what to do. She generally did not know what to do. She buried her face in her lap pretending to be busy watching the photographs, pretending to be unfazed by his presence.

Moonis leaned a bit and picked up a couple of photographs. It was a random click capturing the guests.

“Show me the one where we are looking like a gorgeous couple.” He asked.

“Oh…  so you were enjoying the show for a while, huh?” Anas was quick to catch.

The others simply smiled when they realized that it was a jab at Haniya’s earlier comment. As for Haniya, she could not possibly lower her back any further. Her attempts to be invisible and unfazed were not futile. She got up hurriedly. Whether it was the anxiety or her regular clumsiness, she lost her balance. She was about to fall but she tried to save the fall, by waving her arm desperately for support. She managed to grab a handful of Moonis’s hair. She rested the other arm on the back of the sofa and steadied herself.

“Uff… Sorry…” she mumbled under her breath and took off to the stairs. She almost tripped twice before she was safely on the first floor.

[1] A phrase to tease someone.

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