Upcoming Book Announcement & Giveaway #2: Uff Haniya (Releasing on 28th April, 2019)

Upcoming Book Announcement

28th April, 2019 marks the anniversary of my first digitally published novelette Uff Yeh Ladki.

As an anniversary present to myself and my readers, I am publishing the English edition of the same book.


Moonis’s car entered the porch. On the lawn, Hanya was standing on one leg, hopping and moving in a circle, like a whirling kid. She was not alone. Parveen’s sons were watching her perform the stunt with amusement. Then, she lost her balance.

 “Ahhh… Aaaah… Aaaaah… Allah…”

She fell sideways, her right elbow crushed into the ground. The kids giggled, spontaneously and aloud. Moonis chuckled, too. You can hardly suppress the spontaneous laughter when you see someone fall. He went inside, peeked in the kitchen and spotted Fayeza.

“Go and check on Haniya. She has hurt herself,” he said and went upstairs to his room.

Fayeza went out on the lawn without uttering a single word. The announcement ‘Haniya has hurt herself’ was a regular one. They heard it at least once a week. How long would they empathize? How long would they worry?

Giveaway – Contact For Free Review Copies

I have decided to giveaway free copies in exchange of an honest review. If you’re a book blogger and the book interests you, please contact me on Shabana.Mukhtar.Official@gmail.com.

Happy Reading!

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