Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 22

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This is roughly 116-121 of Urdu dubbed Emergency Pyar.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 116)

Sinan leaves Seema’s place. He is worried about Nisan, obviously but that doesn’t stop him from lying through his teeth. Nisan wants to leave the job so she doesn’t see Sinan again. Mahek instigates Nisan to confront Seema. What good would that bring?

Abidin runs into Mahek tells her that she needs to lose weight. Haha! He takes care of Amena. His commentray makes you smile but it is heartwarming to see his sensitive side. He is quite intuitive and knows that something is off between Sinan and her.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 117)

Uzair asks Sinan if everything’s okay. Zeynep had lied about being alone and now Sinan knows the truth. Will he find out what’s bothering her? Will he tell her about Seema? Let’s hope he does.

Uzair has more to worry about – Zeynep wants to know about Baris, Uzair’s supposed “twin” brother. But, he also gets to assist Sonia for a surgery.

Abidin is curious about Seema and I guess he will soon uncover the truth.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 118)

Nisan has learned about Seema but doesn’t confront Sinan. Seema brings Ali to the hospital and it pushes Nisan off the cliff. She decides to resign.

Abidin overhears Seema and Sinan’s conversation. We know that Sinan isn’t really Ali’s father but will Abidin or Nisan understand this? Perhaps not because she throws Sinan’s gift and takes a cab home. Sinan is left devastated, reminiscing their cute moments together. Is it over already?

Mahek, on the other hand, tells Seema to lure Sinan towards herself so Ali wouldn’t lose his father. What the hell is going on?

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 119)

Mahek has not only told Seema to woo Sinan but also helps to plant Sinan’s clothes. Despite hating Nisan, Sonia still feels that Nisan is better for Sinan than Seema will ever be. I didn’t see that coming.

The only humourous respite comes in form of Abidin and Amena Grandma and hai Abidin constantly bickers about two women – Nisan and Amena. Amena decides to take Abidin’s proposal for Mahek. Haha!

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 120)

Amena gives Abidin’s proposal for Mahek and Sonia spills the coffee out of shock. Abidin orders Nisan to take the chocolates, tells Mahek that she’s ugly and fat and then they leave.

Zeynep has invited Baris for dinner and Uzair has to pretend to be a twin of himself – an obnoxious and rude and a male chauvinist version. 5 switches between Baris and Uzair. I didn’t like that scene. Unnecessary!

Nisan tells Sinan that she isn’t ready for marriage. They argue and Sinan takes off angrily.

Mahek takes Nisan to confront Seema. Will Seema lie or tell the truth?

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 121)

Zeynep likes Baris and asks Uzair to set her up with his twin brother. Yeah, right!

Abidin tells Sinan that he “knows”. Back at the farm, Seema lies through her teeth about her relationship with Sinan. But, she does tell that Ali is from her first marriage and Sinan isn’t Ali’s father. Nisan cannot hurt Ali, can she?

Sinan heads to Nisan’s house. They meet at the basketball court where it all began. Nisan breaks up with him. The episode ends as dejected Sinan watches her leave him.



That’s end of episode 22. Two more to go, woohoo!!!

Shabana Mukhtar