Ishqiya | Episode 22

Rumi is alone at the hospital to mourn the death of her father that she lovingly addressed as Siddiqui Sahab. Hania killed that scene, didn’t she?


Hamza asks Saman to visit hospital but he doesn’t talk to Rumi when she calls him. Azeem arrives at Siddiqui residence but it is locked. Instead of listening to why Hamna has to say, he disconnects the call. What the…?

Credit where credit is due, Ramsha Khan cries well. For the first time, she has shown some other emotion.

Hamna and Mrs Siddiqui are crying, Azeem is with them and our girl Rumi is handling the formalities. Bravo girl!

She has locked herself in her room, not talking to anyone, not eating anything. But she could have come downstairs before the mayyat was taken, no?

She does, early morning, to ensure that her mother eats.

Where the hell was Hamza? Why did he talk to Rumi? Let’s see if the next episode answers this question.

Shabana Mukhtar