Ishqiya | Episode 23

Why is Rumi so cold towards Hamna? Or is it just my imagination?

Knowing how extreme Rumi is, I am sure she wouldn’t forgive Hamza for disconnecting her call.

Alishba’s father is one smart man. He knows that Alishba’s condolence visit was in fact a reason to sprinkle salt on Hamza’s wounds. Mean girl! She also talks to Saman to handle Rumi’s collection. Saman refuses, flatly and firmly. Bhai waah! I like this mom in law.

Alishba isn’t the only negative character. Azeem’s mother is like “come back, join office, why are you staying at your in-laws?”

All is not bad, though. Zoya is a breathe of fresh air who reminds Hamza that he also misses Rumi. If that wasn’t enough, Hamna confronts him, tells him that she doesn’t give a shit about his threats now. Wow, everyone has gotten strong suddenly.

This episode was laced with far too many flashbacks. It was as if we are reminded of what has happened so far.

Let’s hope we have only a couple more episodes. Let’s hope.

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