Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 12

Didem has hired someone to click her and Murat in cozy positions and she gives photos in all newspapers. Now, Azime is also upset with Murat and asks the brothers to clean the garden. Murat and Doruk work in the garden and bicker about women.

Ipek and Asli console the broken hearted Hayat. Emina and Fadik have ordered them to clean. The girls clean and says nasty things about Murat.

Later, Doruk tells Hayat that Murat had also returned early so nothing happened between him and Didem. It brings some respite and some smile back on Hayat’s face.

Murat threatens Didem to find the truth about the fake news. Didem has also arranged to send a bouquet for Suna. Will this woman stop at anything?

Off to watch the next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar