Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan| Episode 107

Tuval learns that Cemil was really in love. One more love story reaching towards conclusion.

The courier man brings the report home. Murat is a Sirselmaz after all, Doruk is not.

Doruk has taken a loan on higher rate. He flips out when Murat tries to explain him the business tricks. Hayat brings the report after the papers are signed. He hides the truth from Doruk.

Derya asks Doruk to transfer share on her name.

Murat already has a plan b to begin a new brand. But the employees have a protest to bring Murat back.

Derya has managed to separate the brothers. She also asks the car keys. Murat let’s er have her way. Because truth with prevail.

The couple takes a bus and Hayat feels nauseated. Good news?

Shabana Mukhtar