Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan| Episode 108

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Drunk Doruk comes home to announce his love for Asli.

Fadik and Emine bring the pregnancy test for Hayat and drama that unfolds is super hilarious.

Derya plans for Hayat’s miscarriage too. Ewww! I am getting tired of it.

Sarte is vacant, nobody except Tuval is there because Murat asked her to. Azime tells Hayat anf family about Hashmet, even takes them to the hospital. Hashmet is not there. He has married the nurse who looked after him. Enough yaar, stop with more twists.

Cemil has a brilliant idea – open the letter that Hashmet has left. He also calls his father Sefer and more troubles come Cemil’s way as Sefer tells some secrets over speaker phone.the boy that Cemil was looking after, is actually Cemil’s brother.

Shabana Mukhtar