Drama Review | Angna | Episode 59

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Angna Episode 59 Written Updates and Review

It’s the next day after Nida’s wedding, but Raza has to work because he has taken many leaves and two months’ advance salary. Just as I had predicted in episode 38, Nayab runs into Raza at the mall. She’s shopping for her baby, and it isn’t hard to guess that she’s expecting. Raza is excited as one would be, but Nayab is like: this is my baby, not yours.

Nayab walks out on Raza and heartbroken Raza still has to work his shirt. Tch, poor chap! 

He comes back home, having high fever, and recalls all his cute moments with Nayab. Nice montage but so boring.


Nida’s mother-in-law is still apprehensive about Raheela’s mood. Nida clarifies everything. This mother-in-law, daughter-in-law duo is so nice. Nida looks pretty in that baby pink outfit.

Eshal and Zain’s track circles on the same old thing, so there is no point mentioning it again here.


As I had anticipated in the previous episode’s review, Abeeha isn’t happy about this marriage decision. This is just to make her parents happy. She sits there thinking about Taimoor. This starts another montage of flashback scenes. Again, only drags the episode. Finally, Abeeha tells Azhar that she isn’t happy.

Alright, I admit, at this point I’m only watching it so my readers don’t have to.


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Shabana Mukhtar