Chand Tara | Episode 1

Chanda Tara is an upcoming Ramzan special drama on Hum TV. It’s a sit-com as usual, and has a solid team behind it-the team that has given us projects like Chupke Chupke and Hum Tum and Kaala Doriya.

Writer: Saima Akram Chaudhry

Director: Danish Nawaz

Producer: Momina Dauraid Productions

Chand Tara Episode 1 Written Update & Review

The episode begins as Tara sings birthday song to herself; she hates being alone. Saarim Gulzar aka Chand preparing to propose to Tara, to ask Dr Raziya for Tara’s hand in marriage, to be precise . Later, he comes to wish her, I like that he doesn’t go inside the house because Tara is alone.

And this scene introduces us to the main characters, the lead couple, so to speak.

On her birthday, Tara gets wishes from her father who never forgets to wish on her birthday and her colleague Dr Sanam… Could it get sadder than that? Yes, me when I’m living alone in Pune, but that’s not the point of discussion right now.

On the other hand, Saarim has a huge family: father, sister, two uncles, two aunts and three cousin… Could it get crazier than that? Yes, my family, but that’s not the point of discussion right now.

A doctor who lives with her strict doctor mom and estranged father and an engineer freelancer who lives with a crazy and super chill joint family with no moment of peace, the main characters come from such diametrically opposite ends of family system. Of the four Ramzan 1444/2023 special dramas, this is the only one which is not about falling in love. Instead, this is about not falling out of love. Does that make sense?

By the way, in one scene, Dr Raziya tells Tara to take the bouquet away.

Aisa lag raha hai ki yeh phool mujhe munh chadha rahe hon.

I was like, I always thought it was munh chidhana… Did Saba Faisal read her lines wrong? Or was I wrong all my life. One of us is right, you be the judge. Comment and let me know the correct pronunciation.

Tara tells Dr Raziya about Saarim and his family. It’s a huge family. I didn’t have to draw a diagram because Tara did.

Tara admires Chand’s joint family while Chand craves at least a few moments of quiet in his house. Dr Raziya is rightfully worried about Tara’s future in a joint family. What happens next to this opposite-attracts jodi? We will find out in coming episodes.


I’ve already said how much I admire seeing Danish Taimoor in a comic role, and my first impressions of this drama: Chand Tara | First Impression

As I said already, the premise of this drama isn’t about falling in love, but about staying in love. This is different. Also, this drama has the best vibe amongst the other Ramzan special dramas and has so far the best first impression.

The fact that these two characters come from such opposite ends of the family spectrum adds to the intrigue of the show. It’s like watching an episode of “Real Housewives” – you know there’s going to be drama, but you just can’t look away.

But what really sets “Chand Tara” apart is the writing. The dialogue is witty and funny, and the characters are relatable and likable. Saarim’s family members are many, and all of them are well-written and add to the overall enjoyment of the show, though some of them will turn into annoyance later, I can tell.

Of course, it’s only the first episode, so I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. But based on what I’ve seen so far, I think “Chand Tara” has the potential to be a great drama. So if you’re looking for something new to watch this ramzan, I highly recommend giving it a shot. Who knows? Maybe you’ll fall in love with it. Or, you know, not fall out of love with it.

That’s my take on the latest episode of Chand Tara. How do others feel about this episode?


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