Mere Paas Tum Ho | Episode 16 | The War Has Begun

It is time to review the 16th episode of Mere Paas Tum Ho. This episode takes a predictable turn as Danish invests his money in Shahryar chemicals. With much further ado, let’s dissect this one.

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Plot Summary

The episode begins as Danish and Rumi are having a good time in park. Rumi suggests that Danish should marry his teacher Hania. Look at Danish’s reaction.

Shahwar comes him injured, in a foul mood. Mehwish is worried, about him and not Danish. Mehwish taunts that Shahwar is scared of Danish. Shahwar boasts that he is letting Danish live for Mehwish’s sake. In reality, he is actually scared.

Finally, he says, “what should I say? That my lover’s ex husband has beaten me. That sound so cheap.”
Great line, NOT. Mehwish is upset now.

Rumi is happy that Danish has beaten Shahwar. Rumi said that the three of them are separated because of Shahwar. Haniya says it is because of Mehwish.

The way Rumi discusses Danish’s wedding is so cute. It is like he’s the father looking for a daughter in law.

Mehwish is still stuck on the same point. She is trying to instigate Shahwar to take some extreme reaction.shahwar gives empty threats, just to impress Danish.

Danish is leaving his apartment now. There is a small scene with the neighbors. I hope it has some bearing in the future plotline, other than the fact that one of them will inform Mehwish that he has left.

Shahwar Chemicals shares drop by 25 rupees forcing him to increase employees’ salaries. Mehwish could not meet Danish, and calls Shahwar but Shahwar doesn’t even recognize her voice.

As the share prices are falling the employees are buying shares. It gives Danish the idea. That restaurant is like a business strategist, that gives Danish ideas without charging a fee.

Shahwar is upset about the loss as he has to increase the salaries. He suggests going to London but Mehwish suggests that they should get married first.

Danish’s friends Salman Ibrahim and Ayesha are in stock exchange.

He meets Salman, and invests 78 lakh rupees worth of shares of Shahwar Chemicals. Salman tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen.

Mehwish is getting phone calls from America. She tells Shahwar and he prohibits her from receiving phone calls.

Danish rents a 500 yards house for 1.5 lakh rupees rent, and he has started dealing in big bucks


The cast is superbly cast but it is Rumi who shines in this episode.

This drama is quite bold. I mean, two adults living together without marriage, must be a bold decision for the makers.

The promos of episode 17 promises that Shahwar and Mehwish will get married. Let’s wait and watch.

I liked this scene. I mean, the stock exchange is a fantasy world that I don’t understand.

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Shabana Mukhtar