Work Anniversary | 10 Years & Counting

I’ve come to realize that I give this day more importance than it deserves. I mean, this anniversary thing was what prompted me to start a blog in the first place–the first one being my 3rd anniversary at this company. In the past ten years of working here, I have posted about it almost every year.

Work Anniversary | 3 Years & Counting

Dejavu – Work Anniversary

Work Anniversary – 6 years and counting

Work Anniversary | 7 Years & Counting

For the past two years, almost, I have been working from home (I will complete 2 years on March 19, 2022, to be precise). I don’t have to tolerate the noise, the annoying laughter of people around me, but that doesn’t mean shit doesn’t happen.

It does…


Many a times, I feel that other’s work is coming my way. I no longer have the habit of discussing my concerns with my manager. I have grown wise enough to realize that discussion doesn’t help anyone, except maybe giving my bosses a reason to pull me down.

I haven’t gotten a raise in the past two years–all shit is blamed on the pandemic. And yet I choose to continue to work here.

Unlike most companies, my company did not give me a paid leave of 2 weeks when I got COVID. I had to use all my PL that I had saved over years. That’s when I realized that my company doesn’t really care for its employees despite its tall claims.

And yet I choose to continue to work here.

I may hate many things, but I can’t leave this job. Because the comfort of working in a team that I have known (and loathed) for years, is unmatched. When it comes to work (and money),  my mind chooses to work in this place instead of trying to find another job. Prepare for interviews, give interviews, negotiate salary, then learn the new stuff in the new company and work with new people and deal with new evel of shit–it’s just so much. I don’t think that’s worth it.

Or maybe I’m too lazy.

I’m definitely too lazy to find another job.

Keep visiting! Stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar