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Akbari Asghari is a 2011 Pakistani comedy drama television series based on Nazir Ahmad Dehlvi’s Mirat-ul-Uroos. Fun fact: It is also referenced in the second episode, subtle tribute to the story that was the inspiration.

Akbari Asghari is a contemporary and humourous adaptation of the novella by Faiza Iftikhar. I think she also did an adaptation of Cinderella. Let it suffice to say that Faiza likes retelling the classics. Cinderella was awful, but this one stands out.

Sanam Baloch and Humaima Malik play the titular characters, Akbari and Asghari respectively, while Fawad Khan and Imran Abbas play the male leads.

Akbari Asghari Episode 6 Written Update and Review 

Kulsum and Hatim are here. The parents’ expectations are reversed–Luqman and Shaheen are relieved to see Akbari in a desi avatar talking Urdu. On the other hand, Kulsum and Hatim are worried to see Akbar in a maulvi’s avatar. Akbari isn’t too thrilled to see Akbar, either.

Asghar, Akbari and Shabbo’s love triangle is already causing stirs and we know this track will surely be one of the funniest tracks in the drama.

The rest of the episode focused on Bey Ji and why her rukhsati was pending. It was quite boring.


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