Book Promotion: Jab They Met: An Anthology of sweet romances



Sometimes, love happens when we least expect it. I love ‘accidental love stories’. I have written some myself. I am glad to present an anthology of such stories. Each story is a stand-alone novella with a happily ever after theme. It is squeaky clean and does not contain any profanity or sexual content.


Jab They Met: 4 Meet-Cute Love Stories


A Journey to Remember

Asmara is from Indore, working as a campaign manager, living in Kolkata for an assignment. She gets a much deserved short vacation. She has a lot of plans for spending the holiday with family and friends. Little did she know that destiny has other plans for her.
The journey by train gets extended by a couple of hours, but not before scaring the passengers for life. Does any good come out of it?
Read the story as it happened.
A tale of a long and tiring journey. A short read of finding unexpected love.

Love At First Shoot

Bilal Khan is the new sensation and a rising star in Pakistan’s television and movie industry.
Mira is an established script and screenplay writer from England.
A sweet and cute short love story that brings two supremely talented individuals together.
Read on to learn how they forego their animosity and ego clashes.

Two Singles

Rahul likes to be alone. He has a calm and serious personality. He is dedicated, hardworking, with in dream to have his own house. He has very few friends, likes poetry and the solitude.
Simran has the incessant need to chat. Even the thought of being alone suffocates her.
The two of them bump into each other in a mall and end up watching 136 minute long movie.
Those146 minutes of a long unplanned date changes not only their perspective but also changes their lives for better.

Maybe Someday

Jasmine has just moved to Pune city after getting a lucrative job, thereby realising her life long dream of being independent. She is cynical, uptight, restless. She’s also a mama’s girl, still abiding by her mother’s whims – from a mandatory schedule of calling twice a day to visiting every shrine and religious place, she cannot say no to her mother.
Kabir continued working at his first job for six years before moving to Pune for a better paying job. He is free-spirited, friendly and calm. He likes exploring places and interacting with real people instead of generating social media following.
Their paths cross when they both visit a shrine. A witty and cute story featuring two interesting yet conflicting characters.
Will they hate each other?
Will they fall in love?
Do they meet again?
Maybe, someday.

Jab They Met” includes four stand-alone novellas with a happily ever after theme. It is squeaky clean and does not contain any profanity or sexual content.

Date published: 7th of July 2019

Genre: Romance Fiction

Pages: 169

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