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Chapter 4 – Pandemic & Ambitions



11th May 2020, 16:27 HOURS

In school, when I read about world wars and pandemics, I thought we are above those crazy times. War cannot happen now. Pandemics are not possible now.

I am proven wrong on both accounts.

When I read about political science and economics, j thought I am above those crazy concepts. I do not care about who runs the government. I do not worry about what happens to the economy.

I am proven wrong on both accounts.

I have never seen a time like this, nor have my parents. Or maybe we have. What we consider tough times is a measure of our capacity to tolerate tough times, does not it?

Once I grow old and tell stories to my grandkids (of I get married and get kids that is).

Once Upon A Pandemic…

Wait, that would make a terrific title for a book. Mental note to self. Once I am forty years old, I will gather all my diaries and write a memoir of sorts with this title.




12th May 2020, 00:23 HOURS

The idea of writing a book has stuck to my stupid mind. Small confession: I get obsessed with ideas very soon, very fast.

Since childhood, I have nursed a dream to become an author. I do write regularly and have several manuscripts sitting on my hard drive for years.

I plan my life in 5-year-blocks.

Top school@15

Graduation and job@20



Quit job and move out of India@35

Start a new career as an author@40

I tried to stick to this plan until this pandemic struck…

I now realize that life is too short and uncertain to wonder and ponder infinitely. I want to unleash the crazy child in me who wants to play with the world of words. Let us begin writing stories but memoir does not attract me as much. I mean, people need escapism right now, so do I.

I have been reading a lot, especially since the lockdown began in March. I have read 300+ romance novels. Some were great and helped me feel happy and put me to sleep, others were okay, and the rest inspired me to write because of how bad they were.

Alrighty, I will try and write a romance. How hard could it be? There is only one problem: I have never had a romantic relationship; a necessary ingredient for writing romance. I mean… I did have a boy who wrote me letters. Does he count?

Whatever! This is where my super-imaginative brain should help me.

Sweeping declaration: I am going to be a romance author.

Ah! There it is the much-needed ambition in my life. I must go through my old notebooks and diaries to see if I can find old gems. I must learn the art of storytelling.

I hope this keeps me occupied and sane for a few months of lockdown.


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