Upcoming Book Announcement & Giveaway #1: Uff Haniya (Releasing on 28th April, 2019)

Upcoming Book Announcement & Giveaway

28th April, 2019 marks the anniversary of my first digitally published novelette Uff Yeh Ladki.

As an anniversary present to myself and my readers, I am publishing the English edition of the same book. I will also be publishing the modified edition in Hindi and Urdu.


We hear what we want to hear.

We see what we want to see.

We remember what we want to remember.

Often, we hear from others’ ears.

We see through others’ eyes.

We remember what others want us to remember.

But the truth can be different.

This story is a Muslim family drama with a touch of comedy and romance. The main character, Haniya is a happy-go-lucky and impetuous girl. What happens when people start to tag her as such?
This is a light-hearted, breezy short novel, that focuses on general prejudice and judgmental behaviour towards people based on preconceived notions.

This story can be categorized as short and quick, cute and sweet, light and breezy. It does not aim to highlight any religious, social or cultural aspects. It does not address any big sensitive issues that are prevalent in society. My aim has been to highlight those tiny little individual issues that we often ignore; our baseless assumptions about people; without knowing that it can hurt them. I want to subtly inform the readers that our perceptions can sometimes cause irreparable damage; so much that their personality is broken beyond comprehension.

We judge and pigeon-hole people based on our principles, our likes, our references and our dictionary. We call their names – weird, abnormal, childish, rude, obnoxious and what not.

We tag them. And those tags become their sole identity. Who cares to find the truth? Who tries to understand the reason behind closed names?

 Some people are lucky; everything is sorted out for them. Some people are brave; they survive the torture. However, most of them live their lives struggling through the predicament.

I have watched a few dear friends dealing with such ‘not a big deal’ situations. I just hope that we don’t cause that pain to anybody.

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