Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 27

A little recap of episode 26

Maya’s lies are coming out, almost.

Dil-e-Momin episode 27 written update and review

So, Seemi finally realizes that Maya was lying about Momin. For once, I felt that Seemi was right. So far she only pampered Maya. This is the first time she was so tough, something she probably should have done a lot earlier.


Even Rani learns about this. I like how Rani doesn’t side with Maya this time.


Fari goes to Ainee’s center to drop her for exams. Ainee’s classmates talk rubbish about Momin, and Ainee falls unconcious. Incidentally Fari runs into Waleed who takes them to the doctor and also brings them home. Momin’s family is still upset with Momin, and I just don’t get it. Thoda toh bhai pe bharosa karte. Why is Waleed the only one to see the truth? Haris Waheed looks stunning and acts well. Banda good hai. His run-in with Maya was one of the pivotal points of this drama. Waleed and Seemi, both have admonished Maya. Even Rani is ignoring Maya. Will she finally do what’s needed of her?


Fakhr meets Jameel and Ansa and asks for Aashi’s hand in marriage. This dude has the audacity to come and talk to them again. Now, the big question is, will Aashi entertain Fakhr? I loved the way Asad Azhar said: “please Aashi. Mere liye tumhari raza zaroori hai. ” He sounded so genuine. I now see why he was cast as Fakhr.


I don’t like this drama but it looks like it’s heading towards conclusion, and that’s promising.



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Shabana Mukhtar