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Habs Episode 16 Written Review & Update

Episode 16 was released on August 31, 2022. Episode 17 was released on September 6, 2022: Drama Review | Habs | Episode 17. Eversince the double episodes, the episode numbering has gone for a toss in my head.  Just clarifiying for my own sake.

This episode begins with Fahad reprimanding Basit.


Seriously, if this dude wasn’t in Basit’s life, Basit would have been intolerable.

Sadia is discharged and keeps waiting until Basit would come home. She isn’t well, and all she wants is to see her son. All Basit says is: “Take care” and then he leaves.

My heart goes out to Sadia.

Irsa Ghazal, my goodness what a talent she is. Sadia is hurting silently as a mother and it shows. I so so hate Basit in that scene.

Later, Ayesha lectures Basit to be a little nice. I like that Basit wipes out his eyes after Ayesha’s lecture.


Anywho! We all knew what’s coming next.

Look at Basit’s face, that of severe repentance.

Be that as it may, Ayesha’s outburst at the funeral was so uncalled for. She yelled at Basit for not being there when Sadia needed him. Basit’s hurt face was again one of the tiniest perfect moments of this episode.



While Qudsiya and Bano were at the funeral, Zoya calls Amir home. She plans to elope, because she is one selfish person who can’t think of anyone except herself. She reminds me of Zareen from Khwab Saraye. Pretty… Pretty selfish…

Also, the way they held their hands and the scene changed, I think it implies that they are getting down and dirty. Just a hunch, I might be wrong.


Feroze Khan is superb in this drama, simply superb. When he breaks down remembering his lonely and scared childhood, it was so heartfelt. But I didn’t cry. Not at all.

Basit is taking it easy–a day off, staying home. But he’s recovering from the loss slowly, gradually.

We see a few light-hearted scenes towards the end of the episode as Fahad comes home. I’m not sure about y’all, but to me, the look on Basit’s face says that he didn’t like Ayesha calling Fahad. The two friends sit together and Fahad does that brainwashing of Basit as he usually does.

Later, Fahad helps Ayesha in the kitchen (Red Alert: I am pretty confident now that Basit doesn’t like how friendly Fahad and Ayesha are).

Bano comes home to get a few signatures. The way Fahad looked at Bano alerted me again.

Okay, here is my theory: Fahad might be interested in Bano but Basit may misunderstand and think that Ayesha and Fahad have a thing going on. I have more theories on that, but I will save it for later.

So long!


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Shabana Mukhtar